Well, I made it!  I survived the teenage years.  I think I’ll have a party!!  It was pretty rough going at times, I’ll say that much.  Brandon turned twenty on Sunday.  My baby.  It’s so hard to believe.  He has turned out to be quite a nice young man and we are very proud of him.

Newborn Brandon & 1 year old Justin

We went to have Chinese food and his grandparents joined us.  The pic below looks like we are all a little loopy, too much MSG!  The photos were taken with Brandon’s new camera that his girlfriend gave him as a gift.  She also made him an extremely delicious chocolate and mocha layered cheesecake.

Justin, Brand, Amelia, Brandon, Carla

Amelia  &  Brandon

Today, Tuesday, is Brad’s and my 2nd, 2nd wedding anniversary.  The Lily of the Valley are blooming just in time.  Lily of the Valley has the significance of “the return of happiness”, so it was very fitting to have it at our wedding.  Two years already! Time flies we you have two young adult sons!  We are so happy and it is amazing to have our family reunited.  Both our boomerang sons are home.  Life is good.  I luv my hubby!