A huge project that I finished recently was compiling a large notebook filled with writer’s guidelines and publisher information. Why don’t I just go out and get myself a copy of Sally Stuart’s Christian Writer’s Marketplace? Oh, that would be too easy. Although this project was time-consuming at best, it was also a very good exercise for me. As I researched, I purposefully gathered information about publishers and projects that I have a specific interest in. So now, I have at my fingertips important and comprehensive information that will assist me on the road to publication. As I organized the notebook I categorized in a way that made sense to me and included cover sheets for each section that serves as a summary of information contained in each section and a place to record target dates, contacts, etc. This project proved to be a great exercise for me to learn about the writing market and publishing industry. I’m really happy about it. It puts this information that is pertinent my own writing goals in one neat little place!

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