Father’s Day, bittersweet. Nice day spent with my hubby and how wonderful for him to get to be with JB most of the day, Brandon had to work. Called my Step-Dad to say HFD and had a nice chit chat. Called my “real” Dad, which seems like it should be the other way around, what is a “real” Dad. OK. It was nice to talk to him, but my heart always screams, “more, more”. It is what it is.

Amelia’s birthday today – Happy 19th – we love ya! (Brandon’s girlfriend of 7 mos.)

Spent the afternoon in the ER on Friday. Major Migraine.

Busy getting ready for a fundraiser for work – Antiques Apraisal Fair, our own “Antiques Road Show”!

My good friend, Imo, who is suffering from cancer, ended up in the hospital with a near heart attack last week. She’s a shining example of the Lord’s grace and mercy.

Looking at another move, ya, really. With the boomerang boys back home we need space!!!