We took a short journey a few weekends ago to Connecticut for my cousin’s wedding.  We went via Mom’s, and brother’s, the Massachusetts route.  It was a very nice time and great to spend time with both close and extended family during the course of the trip.  My aunt’s oldest son, my cousin, was the one getting married.  My aunt and I grew up like sisters, as she is less than 2 years older than me.  The whole experience kind of threw me I must say.  So hard to believe that her first child, even though he is 26, is now a married man.  It made me painfully aware that before I know it, my own sons will be off and married.  It was a beautiful wedding for a Godly couple.  I was so happy to see their commitment to each other and the Lord.

I haven’t been a bloggin’ much these days, except over at Writers’ Rest, for Mission Possible Mondays.  So if you don’t see me here, that’s where you can catch me.

Life has been a bit . . . let’s say, stressful at the moment.  But things are improving through much prayer and a lot of footwork.  My migraines have been rearing their ugly head, and mine too!  I spent one good afternoon in the ER, and many days of incapacitation.  I’m on the mend. Yup, thought I could get away without the meds, but no doing.  They just make me so sleepy.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   I’m also burning the candle at both ends, playing late night taxi.  And we are bracing ourselves for yet another move.  Yes, you heard that right.  The boomerang boys are overcrowding us in our tiny home.  I would much rather have us all fit somewhere to stay together than send them away.  I do have my moments, but that thought is never taken seriously.  Home is where they need to be right now and I’m glad of it. The page is turning.

Now, about those fleas. Uh huh.

Until my next rant,