I’m a Migraineur. Sounds sophisticated doesn’t it? Like entrepreneur or connoisseur. As a Migraineur I am well acquainted with the pain of Migraine. One of my major triggers is the weather and the barometric changes associated with it. My worst days are with the threat of rain or snow.  I can usually forecast its coming.  Oh, the dread. Lack of sleep, sensitivity to strong odor, and stress (especially after stress subsides) are also triggers I experience.  Food does not seem to contribute to my Migraines.

I’ve had Migraine and headaches for as long as I can remember and been hospitalized with them. They are totally debilitating in full force. I take a preventative medication that is somewhat effective, but I still get several Migraines per week. Without it I get up to 5 or 6 per week. I’ve spent a few days in the ER as of late with the darn things. Today I went to the Dr. and am going to be trying a new med and hope that this one works for efficiently. To treat the Migraines I use Imitrex. Usually I try to intercept the migraine with a cocktail of over the counter migraine medication, a sinus tab, and caffiene. Recently I discovered “Head On”. It looks like a glue stick or giant chap stick. You rub it all over your forehead and temples and even neck. It feels kind of like Icy/Hot. This stuff has mixed reviews, but some Migraineurs have indeed found it helpful.

Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. My mom and grandmother both had them. One of my son’s gets them occasionally. Headache is a symptom of Migraine disease. Symptoms of migraine include aura, nausea, vomiting, semispherical head pain, neurogenic inflammation, sensitivity to light and sound, difficulty with speech and cognitive impairment. Migraine pain is caused by expansion and constriction of the  the cranial blood vessels.  Some research has shown that Seratonin levels contributes to this.

When I have a Migraine you will often see me in my shades.  A little embarrassing at times, but necessary due to sensitivity to light.  I immediately try to relax my jaw so TMJ tension does not contribute to the pain.  I take my medicine as soon as possible and lay down in a dark and quiet room.  I often will use ice compresses and gentle massage to my temples.  The pain feels like my head is in a vice grip, with more pressure on one side although it spreads in a band across my head.  I also get pain in the lower back of my head which feels like someone hit me with a board across the base of my skull. I usually suffer from a “Migraine hangover” as I call it which leaves me groggy, foggy, and achy.  As a result of taking the Imitrex I also have hot flashes and pain throughout my body due to the medication’s effect on my blood vessels.

I usually don’t get this “personal” on my blog, but it is my hope that my post will help raise awareness to this debilitating disorder and offer some helpful resources to other Migraine sufferers and those who love them!

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