When the righteous rule the people rejoice,
when the wicked rule the people groan.

Proverbs 29:2

I watch more TV now than ever thanks to the elections. The Presidential debate tonight was, ho, hum, boring.  People in the audience were even nodding off.  The Vice Presidential debate last week, now that was great.  “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”  Don’t you just love it!  I did find the primaries much more lively and the topics covered were of interest.  Too much repetition now, I can almost give my own speech in my sleep.  I’ve been glued to the tube, mostly FOX news, throughout this race.  It’s my aerobic exercise – gets the heart rate pumping.   I do find it fascinating to learn about the individuals who are all involved.  Why couldn’t Mike Huckabee have made it?  At least I can watch him on his own show now.

My big pet peeve, in election season or out, is the great disrespect of the office of president in our country.  My husband challenged me tonight that if I don’t like the outcome of this race, will I still be as loyal to my President? That is worth considering.

As far as my choice goes, I found some interesting thoughts in an article at Today’s Christian Women magazine, Picking the President.   The author shared some perspectives that heard concerning opinions, beliefs, and convictions.  As I rant and rave, often I am expressing my opinions which usually are based upon my beliefs.  But it is my convictions, which are the core ideas, that truly will motivate a decision I hope to make about this election.  Both candidates have many opinions about what they hope to accomplish and the method and means to do so.  I may share some of either of their opinions, but that is not enough to choose who I will vote for.  For a confident decision I must measure my convictions, that are based on my Biblical world view,  against any of their fundamental ideals.  Then I can determine who I will support.  Again, I may not agree on all of the opinions and beliefs of my candidate, but I certainly am aware of my convictions on issues such  as when life begins, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, marriage, drugs, etc.

In this election I can find a candidate who share some of my convictions.  Someday, there may be candidates who do not share any of them.  They must be defended if they are to be preserved, while they still can.  Just think, we get to do all this again in another 3 years.

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