Yes, um.  Here I am, at long last.  I took a little bloggie sabatical over the summer.  Sometimes you just have to pick and choose where to spend your time and mine was needed elsewhere.  Now that we have moved into our new home and I have a few web projects behind me I am longing to blog away.  But where do I begin!  The great thing about having one’s own blog is that you can just make up your own rules as you go along.  I like that.  So, I may or may not get around to filling in some of the blanks.

For now I am working on a revision of my webdesign website and also have my personal site getting ready for a revis.  I finished up a website for my friend’s nurses society.  I think I’ve learned about everything I ever want to know about wounds and ostomys!  I have to finish up my work website this week and one for another non-profit.

A web project near to my heart was a memorial site that I made for my friend who passed away.  This dear friend also belonged to the small group I lead so it has been a bitter-sweet time.  She truly loved the Lord and oh, how precious she is to Him.  Our group had a special evening together reflecting about how much she meant to us and the group will not be the same without her.  What a magnificant testimony her life was of God’s grace.  When she was first told she had cancer (lung and brain) she was given about 6 months.  She ended up living for almost 3 years and was able to see a daughter married, a grandchild born, and a daughter saved.  Imo made the most of every day.  She didn’t show me how to die, she showed me how to live.

Now my small group is doing some Bible Study on death and heaven, the second coming and all that.  It is a huge subject, and it is amazing how many opinions there are on the subject.  Opinions we have to filter out, and traditions. God’s Word is where we get our answers.  It is a fascinating study, and the research is very time consuming.  I love to research and study so I don’t mind it at all.  Got Questions has a lot of good information that helps break things down into smaller chunks.  There are some other great resources online as well as many study resources I have on my own book shelves.  No matter what I learn though, there still remains that element of mystery.   But one thing I do know, my Redeemer liveth!