Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Cindi Wood, is the author of I’ve Used All My Sick Days – Now I’ll Have To Call In Dead, The Frazzled Female, The Frazzled Female Bible Study, Victoriously Frazzled Bible Study, Too Blessed For This Mess, and The Frazzled Female Journal. Cindi is also a wife, mother of two . . . and prime material for stress overload!  Frazzled Females is Cindi’s term for today’s schedule-scattered, brain-strained women of the new millennium!

Cindi is a sought after speaker, who teaches the “strung-out and frazzled” how to creatively manage the stresses of life.  Through her popular Frazzled Female seminars, Cindi leads women to develop practical strategies to deal with daily pressures. With insights and humor, her teachings point participants to the vibrant love that is experienced as you hear from God through Bible study and spending time with Him.

Cindi has been seen on a number of TV interview shows, including the nationally broadcasted 700 Club. She also produces a 90 second Frazzled Female Moment, which can be heard on a number of Christian radio stations.

Carla: Welcome Cindi, I’m so glad you could stop by. We would love to hear more about The Frazzled Female!

According to your research Cindi, as well as talking with thousands of women over the last 20 years, there are approximately 50 million American women suffering from the Frazzled Female Syndrome – and I’m one of them! It’s this segment that you target in your new book: Too Blessed for This Mess.
So, exactly what is this term that you’ve coined Frazzled Female Syndrome and what  has your research revealed?

Cindi: Hey Carla – glad to be here!  FFS – is the term I use for all of us out there who are overscheduled, overcommitted, and underslept. And I’ve found that MOST women fall into this category!

Carla: Fifteen years ago you left the educational field to launch your Frazzled Female platform: speaking, teaching, and writing. What initially led you in this direction, and what have you discovered in the process?

Cindi: First of all, I would never have chosen to be THE FRAZZLED FEMALE –  I was going for the organized woman.  Ohh what a sense of humor God has!  This whole plan was born as I began teaching  parents of the middle school children I taught – how to deal with stress.  I took a sabbatical from my teaching position to do some stress management training in  corporate and government settings.  I soon discovered that I loved teaching ALL ages – including adults who are desperately seeking to reduce stress in their lives.

Carla: When life became too much for you, you say that you developed strategies for de-frazzling, and it began with tapping into the power that gives life real meaning. Please explain what you mean.

Cindi: As the months passed while I was training those stressed-out adults, I realized it was so difficult being a wife, a mom of two young boys, and at the same time launching a new career.  I began developing pracitical strategies in my own life to manage all that needed to be done.  The Lord powerfully touched my heart during this process, with His peace and His direction as I continued to seek His plan for my life.  Jeremiah 29:13 became my way of life during those days:  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart.”

Carla: In Too Blessed for This Mess you are very candid about the issues that you have faced. In fact, you say that you were deep in the midst of frazzledness while writing this book. What truths did you learn in the process as you detoxed in Jesus?

Cindi: Oh, I learned that He indeed, is THE ANSWER to all of life’s stresses.  He impressed upon my heart the need – the HOLY need, to rest in Him.  In Mark 6:31 Jesus plainly states, “Come away with Me to a quiet place and get some rest.” Because of so much physical and emotional unrest in my life during those days, this Scripture challenged me to recover my passion, along with my physical and emotional health – by developing the lifestyle of drawing away to that Quiet Place  – sometime, during every single day!

Carla: Your tag line is catchy: The Frazzled Female Syndrome: overscheduled, overcommitted, and underslept. Briefly explain the three analogies that you use and what women can do to gauge when things are out of control.

Cindi: Any time you get too much of anything, you are opening the door to that ol’ thief who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). Too much in your schedule, too many commitments, and too little sleep will throw you smack dab into the middle of physical and emotional vulnerability. We, as Christian women must be aware of the spiritual warfare that takes place when we allow these areas in our life to get out of control!

Carla: Cindi, you devote four chapters to control issues. You write, “Life’s all about control, from
the moment we’re born until the moment we step into our life in heaven, we women, stubborn by nature, naturally take charge… God in his perfect workmanship made us this way and it’s a grand thing.” If it’s such a good thing, why is it that we so often let things get so out of control?

Cindi: Carla, any good thing overdone, becomes a bad thing.  For example; I’m great at talking – that’s what I do best – ha!  But, when I talk too much – that positive thing becomes a negative thing.  Being an in-charge person is not a wrong or negative characteristic.  However, seeking to control everybody and every circumstance – certainly is a negative!  Furthermore, it’s an impossibility.  We simply are NOT IN CONTROL of everybody and everything.  We must learn to relinquish this control to our Heavenly Father.  That’s the only path to peace.  I encourage women to be in constant dialogue with Him, and then follow His direction in those areas where He wants you to step up and take charge — and then leave all those other areas to Him!

Carla: In your chapter entitled, “Experiencing God’s Practical Power”, you share some of the encounters you’ve had with the women at your conferences who believe that God expects them to take care of the “little” things, leaving only the big ones to Him. Why do you believe this mind-set is wrong and sets women up for disappointment?

Cindi: When we do not recognize God’s interest in the “little things” of life, we are not understanding the depth of His love.  As a mother, I long to know EVERYTHING that my children experience.  Through the years they have shared about those little things happening in their days – and I’ve loved every drop!  We think that we are fully capable of receiving such incidental sharing, but that God is not.  Or, we think He doesn’t care.  That’s simply not true!  In fact, you will  only understand the depth of His extravagant love . . . to the degree that you understand He cares about the little nothing things.

Carla: So many times in life, particularly during the challenging times, we often feel that God is distant, because we don’t feel His presence or sense his nearness What advice can you give today to help others to position themselves to hear God’s voice?

Cindi: Be quiet.  Be still.  Begin to understand the depth of God’s love by talking with Him and by slowly reading and thinking about His Word.  If you want to love God more,  explore the extent of His love for you.  If you want to enjoy being with God more, then realize – through His Word and through conversation with Him – that He truly does enjoy being with YOU!

Carla: “We’re all Getting Older” is a great chapter on learning to appreciate where you are in the journey. You write, “The NOW in your life is a glorious and important place. It seems to me our society overemphasizes the next phase of life, whatever that may be. For the child, it’s becoming a teen; for the teenagers, it’s young adulthood, etc.. We just always seem to be focusing on the what next!” What should we be feeling about living in the right now present?

Cindi: Not to sound cliche-ish, but NOW is all we have.  For me, I often deep breathe throughout my days – and talk directly to the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me, saying . . . Holy Spirit, thank You for your peace and for helping me enjoy this moment.  I love You. By recogizing His Presence and by addressing Him as the real person who lives inside of me, I’m more aware of His peace and His purpose for the NOW of my life.

Carla: Where might someone obtain a copy of Too Blessed for This Mess? And how can they learn more about your ministry and speaking schedule?

Cindi: The books in the Frazzled Female series are available at most Christian (and many mainstream) bookstores.  Also you can get your copies of the books and the Bible Studies, as well as some frazzled-female-gear, by going to This is also where you’ll find my speaking schedule and  contact info. if you’d like to set up a FRAZZLED DAY in your area.

Carla: And lastly Cindi, for those who aspire to a similar path of ministry . . .Was it a challenging path as
you traveled the path from recovering frazzled female to publication and conference speaker? What advice could you offer to others who are developing such a platform and how might they discern God’s will in this?

Cindi: I would say to all who are seeking God’s plan for their lives, to love Him, then love Him more! I’m realizing that by seeking Him and loving Him, He gives direction and joy with each step.  Also, if God has placed a dream in your heart, be encouraged and excited.  If you keep loving Him and seeking Him, He will – in His timing – bring it to pass.  For me, it all comes down to the more I love Him, the more He leads me – step by step.  And . . .. don’t get in a hurry!  You don’t need to, regardless of what you think.  Just slow down, deep breathe, and enjoy what the Lord has for you in each moment!

Carla: You are a great  inspiration  and  it is such a blessing to get to know more about you.  Thank you, Cindi.  We look forward to seeing you at the Women’s Fall Faith Lift on October 18th at Faith Evangelical Free Church of Waterville, Maine.