I had a little visit from the Mormons the other day.  I was not up for a discussion with them since I wasn’t feeling well.  So I explained that I had already been round with some of their other missionaries who have had the frustration and enlightenment of visiting with me, even including their elders on several occasions.  Today was not to be such a day, though my heart told me that I may have had a go with the Mormons, but these were two young men who needed the truth.  So I kept it brief and revealed the main source of contention – our definition of who Jesus Christ is, revealling that I believed he not only died for my sins but that he is the ONLY begotten son of God and in his deity.  The Mormon “gospel” disagrees with me on who exactly Christ is, though to the unassuming it may sound the same.  They politely told me I could visit their Mormon website, and I in kind pointed them to CARM because they seemed like two young men who were interested in discovering truth.  I pray that they do.