So, I got a late start to National Novel Writing Month in November. I’ve been sick a lot lately so I figured I can create my own rules. I started at the end of the month and I’m still going. Not because I had to. That doesn’t work very well for me. I tend to freeze up that way. I just started writing because I wanted to. I have read a few exceptional books lately and got inspired. This was great because I haven’t been inspired to write anything new in about a year.

I got my muse back. Big time. I started with the first concept and completed the rough – rough draft. This is stage is mostly plotting for me, with some dialogue. There is still much to be developed Before I was done I was sticking notes away for the sequel, and the one after that. This was good. After the other stories began blossoming it made my original one even richer.

I love writing. I cannot read other novels very much while I’m writing which I miss because I usually read a book every week or two. When I’m writing a story it seems to develop in such a way that the story begins telling me what will happen next. Does that ever happen to you? I get excited and cannot wait to see what I will write next. No kidding. It is very gratifying for me creatively and I get to entertain myself. So at least I’m pleasing one reader!!

So with 3 1/2 notebooks filled I’ve written about 75,000 words. I’ve done this in about 3 weeks so far. Isn’t that aMUSing!

In the truest sense of the word, my Muse is always Christ. He is the very source of my inspiration. So when I get that writing urge, I always draw on Him to guide me. I wouldn’t tell a story any other way.