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Today, on Jane Austen’s 235th birthday, I am recalling one of the grandest events of my lifetime.  I’m not referring to my wedding, nor the days my children were born.  Nothing can compare to those days, but this was a great literary event that my husband and I attended in 2007 – A Jane Austen Gala!

Playing make believe was really fun for the Jane Austen Gala. That kind of thing may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but I tell you this, I have not had so much fun in ages! Though it wasn’t just dressing up in costume and attending the event that I enjoyed, but the preparation, the research, the blogging, the creating, the comradery, the reading Jane Austen and watching movies based on her books, the anticipation, the date with my husband! It was not just “making believe”, it was living history. As a writer, avid reader of regency romance, and history fanatic this affair was thrilling for me and truly brought me closer in my experience to that which I have ever been to this era.

Ah, but my attendance at a Regency Ball has caused me to consider how many ladies back then, who shared the meager position of my own, would have wished for such a chance. I was blessed that despite my humble lot in life that I was able to attend such an elegant event.  Elizabeth Bennett dancing.  Dancing with her own Mr. Darcy.

In God’s kingdom we are not limited by economy, but are blessed by His glorious riches.

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To celebrate Jane’s birthday I’ve visited some Jane websites and now I’m going to have a cup of tea and watch something Jane Austenish like Pride and Prejudice or Lost in Austen.  How are you celebrating her birthday?


I just love Jane Austen’s style and wit. I also simply love the period that the novels are set in, the Regency Era (1800-1830). The books give an accurate depiction of that era because that is the era in which Jane lived. What was contemporary for her became historical for us. Being truly captivated by this period (though I must confess that the Victorian era entralls me as well, I have discovered some other great fiction that combines Regency Romance within a Historical Christian setting.  I cannot tell you enough how I’ve enjoyed these author’s regency period novels.

Ruth Axtell Morren

Regency Series

  • Winter is Past – A rising star in Parliament, widower Simon Aguilar needs a reliable woman to care for his gravely ill daughter, Rebecca. He finds an exemplary nurse — and much more — in the indomitable Althea Breton.Raised amid privilege, Althea renounced wealth and social position to serve God, and is reluctant to work for a man who became a Christian only to further his political career. But realizing that all things are possible with God’s love, she accepts the position in the Aguilar household.Despite Simon’s skepticism, Althea comforts Rebecca by teaching her about God and salvation. Meanwhile, an attraction grows between the darkly handsome MP and the understated beauty whose integrity and competence win over his entire household. Althea admires Simon’s devotion as a father, his sense of justice as a politician and his tenderness as a man, but his antipathy toward her faith divides them. When Simon’s world suddenly falls apart, Althea will is compelled to convince him to open his heart to God’s love and even her own.
  • Dawn in My Heart – A Regency romance Jane Austen would relish! After his brother’s death, Tertius Pembroke, Earl of Skylar, needs to marry and produce an heir, soon. Young and innocent Lady Gillian Edwards seems the ideal candidate. She accepts Sky’s proposal—but her heart belongs to another, a secret she keeps hidden. When Sky becomes deathly ill, his newfound faith may offer two virtual strangers a second chance at love.
  • The Healing Season
    Though he’d found his life’s calling ministering to London’s underclass, Dr. Ian Russell hadn’t yet found his life’s mate. Then the former army surgeon encountered the enchanting stage actress Eleanor Neville.Ian’s good works and strong faith set him apart from other men Eleanor knew. But despite his fascination with her glittering world, Eleanor feared her notorious past would end their future together before it had even begun. Could true love and faith overcome all obstacles and make their lonely hearts as one?
  • The Rogue’s Redemption – He was tall and dark with eyes as blue as cobalt.
    In a London ballroom Miss Hester Leighton saw a man who interested her more than anyone she’d met since coming to town. A woman of deep faith, Hester knew she should not keep company wiht Major Gerrit Hawkes, a jaded, penniless soldier haunted by nightmares of war. But their connection would not be denied.
    Hester was the ony woman who’d ever made Gerrit feel truly worthy of love, and he would not lose her. Separated from her by her father–and an ocean–Gerrit must decide whether he will risk his life and his soul to earn a home in Hester’s arms forever.
  • The Making of a Gentleman – Just moments from the hangman’s noose, Jonah Quinn escapes from infamous Newgate Prison in London. Taking prison volunteer Florence Hathaway hostage is a masterstroke, but Jonah intends to end their acquaintance once he’s free. God, however, has other plans.The caring spinster’s mission is to turn Jonah’s life around. The burly fugitive scoffs at the notion he can be groomed into respectability, much less win a royal pardon. He knows that donning a waistcoat and cravat does not change a man. But a woman’s stubborn faith? That can accomplish miracles. Florence sees right into the depths of his roguish heart, and Jonah finds himself wanting to become that man she sees…
  • Bride of Honor – It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady of rank and distinction is no match for an impoverished preacher. Yet Damian Hathaway is entranced from the moment he spies Miss Lindsay Phillips entering his church. She doesn’t appear any different from the other pampered society ladies-and she’s betrothed to a gentleman of the ton. But Damian is determined to find the pure heart he’s sure exists underneath all the ruffles and lace. The unlikely friendship formed by Damian and Lindsay is a revelation to them both, but is frowned upon by her parents-and Damian’s parishioners. Torn between two worlds, the pair must trust that their love can bridge the divide-and conquer all.

Catherine Palmer

English Ivy Series 

  • English Ivy – On the eve of her 21st birthday, Ivy Bowden has much to anticipate. Engaged to be married to the man her father has chosen for her, Ivy dreams of a secure, contented future. But when she finds herself in the arms of her roguish neighbor, her world is thrown into complete disarray. Ivy must choose to submit to her family’s choice, follow the leading of her willful heart–or obey her Father’s will.
  • Wild Heather – Olivia Hewes has one dream: to make Chatham Manor’s wool-producing venture profitable. When she meets Randolph Sherbourne, the heir of her largest competitor, the two are drawn toward a forbidden love that will mean betraying both their families and the centuries-old feud that has separated them. But when the shocking truth about the death of Randolph’s father is revealed, their future happiness seems doomed.
  • Sweet Violet – Don’t miss this continuation of the exciting series that began with English Ivy and continued in Wild Heather. When Edmund Sherbourne is asked to find a runaway girl in India, imagine his surprise when she turns out to be the beautiful and intriguing Miss Violet Rosse. His family in Yorkshire will help him transform her into a proper English lady suitable to marry the man her father has chosen for her, though Edmund will find that he may not want to change the woman who is transforming his own heart.

Miss Pickworth Series

  • The Affectionate Adversary – Meet tea magnate Charles Locke and principled Sarah Carlyle, who’s determined to be rid of her considerable fortune since “money is the root of all evil.” Can she truly love a man motivated by profits? Does Charles treasure Sarah—or her wealth? Written with a Jane Austen flavor, this whimsical tale introduces society reporter Miss Pickworth.
  • The Bachelor’s Bargain – Imagine the shock when Ruel Chouteau, long assumed dead, returns home to England. Confident no woman would ever marry him, he “proposes” to Anne Webster, a common housemaid! When it appears Anne will die from a gunshot wound, she accepts his offer of marriage. And nobody’s more astonished than Ruel when she recovers!
  • The Courteous Cad – On her tour of the English countryside, a chance encounter in the streets alerts Miss Prudence Watson to the inhumane working conditions at the worsted mill. She learns that the owner is William Sherbourne, a Royal Naval officer just returned from sea. Following in his wake is his reputation as a cad and a secret so ghastly he’ll do anything to protect it. Even worse, he’s handsome and charming and not at all the villain Prudence expected him to be.

Kaye Dacus

  • Ransome’s Honor – The Ransome Trilogy from exciting new author Kaye Dacus combines the wit, romance, and social commentary of Jane Austen with the sea-faring adventure of Horatio Hornblower. July 1814. The war with France has ended, and Captain William Ransome, known for never letting women aboard his ship, has returned to Portsmouth, England. Julia Witherington, considered an old-maid at 29, discovers that she must marry immediately to receive a large dowry. Julia knows that the only man she doesn’t want to marry is William Ransome. And the only man her father will approve of is…William Ransome.When the couple strikes a financial deal to feign marriage for one year, the adventure begins. These stubborn people face humorous and hard situations that reveal what else they have in common—a growing affection for one another. This intriguing tale of faith and loyalty is a wonderful new offering for readers of all genres.

Lori Wick

The English Garden Series

  • The Proposal – Lifelong bachelor William Jennings is a fierce-tempered, agnostic 19th-century Englishman—and an unlikely candidate for fatherhood. But when a distant relative dies, he finds himself guardian of three children, and in over his head! Taking refuge at his sister’s home, he befriends her kindhearted neighbor, Marianne.
  • The Rescue – Anne Gardiner struggles living as a gentleman’s daughter on a pauper’s means. When wealthy Robert Weston comes visiting, Anne accidentally topples from a ladder into his arms. Her eccentric father, the “Colonel,” demands honor and a hasty “marriage” for Anne. Her reputation tarnished by rumors and the Colonel’s accounts of events, Anne and Robert search for solutions.
  • The Visitor – Love is blooming in Lori Wick’s English Garden series. In The Visitor, Alexander Tate is thrown from his horse and blinded. While recuperating, he befriends Cassandra—a girl with a heart of gold and “unconventional looks.” When Alexander’s vision returns, Cassandra runs away, certain she’ll be rejected.
  • The Persuit – Edward Steele has enjoyed a great adventure in Africa with his brother, Henry. But now Henry has headed for England, and Edward, ready to be home as well, is close behind him. As Edward packs his belongings, only one thought is in his heart: to arrive in Collingbourne before Christmas. He can’t imagine anything that might change this plan–but that’s before he meets Denley and Osborne. Denley and Osborne are traveling together, but they are as different as night and day. Aboard ship Osborne chooses to ignore everyone while Denley and Edward find themselves much together. They are not long into the journey before Denley begins to feel unwell. By the time the ship makes a stop in Lisbon, Portugal, he is very sick indeed. Not able to ignore his traveling companion’s plight, Edward abandons his goal of going on to England and disembarks with Denely and Osborne. He never dreams that his association with them will lead to the mysterious Nicola Bettencourt, a woman who captivates and confounds him in equal measures.

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